Drop IN

3-12 months

Toddler Town International Preschool offers half day or full day baby drop-in for babies under 11 months.

Baby Drop-in allows you, as parents, to get the quality you seek in infant care during the hours you need it. 

The Nursery is led by our Infant Care Nurse and her team of assistants who dedicate themselves to the safe, quality, genuine care of your baby and provide quality education in a loving, safe environment. 

Our nursery children can access all areas with specific allocated zones to sleep, play and eat

An infant experiences the following activities as part of their daily life:

  • Baby Tummy Time – to strengthen and develop motor skills
  • Provision to climb, crawl, discover for themselves in soft tunnels
  • Baby Heuristic Play – treasure baskets (changed frequently) to develop  their understanding of their world and ignite the curiosity
  • Infant Curiosity corner – an ever-changing area with light/shade/textures/mirrors
  • Baby Music – instruments – staff play guitar for sing a long session
  • Baby Sensory play – tuff trays and sensory bowls
  • Baby Water/ splash play
  • Non – toxic painting
  • Infant Block play to support their processing of shape, size, gravity
  • Reading corner of age-appropriate and accessible early reading books