Director's Word

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When I meet parents who are looking for the right preschool for their child, one question almost always pops up: “Why did you open TTIP?”
I like to think that it’s by pure accident mingled with a deep-seated feeling of euphoria that I did not know I could feel when I would see a young child happy in school. School is often perceived as a serious place where you are mostly told what to do, full of homework that you might not always like to do, lessons you might not understand, and friendships you might not know how to forge.
When I had my own children, I looked for a preschool where they would be happy at - happy with the way lessons were taught, happy with teachers who understood them emotionally, and happy with an environment where friendships were easy to make. It was also around that time when that I started managing a preschool and tried my best, with my limited experience to create the ‘Utopia’ I had in mind. I then moved on to other areas of education and came back to preschools 10 years ago.

This is where I was given the opportunity to again create the ‘Utopia’ I had envisioned. By accident, when we welcomed a couple of children with developmental delays, we became an inclusive preschool and seeing how that purely positive environment impacted all the children, I knew I found what I had been looking for. Inclusivity is something we are all very proud of and passionate about.

This is how TTIP came into being - an inclusive preschool where every child has an equal right to learn and play together. We created a school where children champion one another, where lessons are created with the child’s curiosity, interest, and voice in mind, where teachers become active guides, where education is not a boring task of endless paper. To add the perfect icing on this cake, we wanted an environment where staff members are as happy as the children they welcome daily. We created this by putting staff happiness as a priority, and through continuous mentoring, unlearning, and relearning - we created a place where students and staff members are happy to come to school.

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