Inclusive Learning Environment

At TTIP, we strongly believe that every infant or child has a right to education and we believe that a support system to assist non-typically developing children is a compulsory element in every kindergarten and school.

At Toddler Town, we provide an excellent foundation on which every child can build their future education within a caring, secure and stimulating environment where they feel valued and happy. We are an inclusive international preschool where each child is given equal opportunity to discover and develop through high quality play based learning.

Toddler Town aims to make preschool a happy place for all who are part of it and maintain an environment of exploration and self-evaluation, fostering both motivation and a love of learning.

With the assistance of special educator and shadow aides, the ultimate aim is to integrate every child that comes into our S.T.E.P Integrated program into mainstream classroom setting with typically developing preschool children.

S.T.E.P Programme Our Therapists
teacher writing word inclusion on school blackboar
mother holding hand of child with autism puzzle

Our Values

An approach to learning that emphasizes the importance of the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of babies and children, particularly in early childhood.

An important part of relationships, all our babies in the nursery and children in the kindergarten learn to respect others and to control their emotions through collaboration and co-operation.

Emotional capacities that develop during early childhood, empathy and care are important components of positive social behaviour for all children in a preschool.

Adjusting or changing the lesson and its goals based on the specific needs of the child is differentiated learning.

An infant or a child must be able to express what he or she wants and how he or she feels with freedom and safety. This is one of the most beneficial parts to raising happy children.

Global citizens act as socially and morally responsible citizens and this education begins with babies in infant care and children in kindergarten.