Infant Care

Infant Care

3 months to walking age

With a focus on total brain learning, our Baby Road programme revolves around creative experiences such as Art, Music, Sensory Play, Communication and Social Interaction. We believe the first year of a baby’s life is crucial to support short and long-term development. Babies are busy making sense of the world around them and our voice tone, our gentle care and play will impact their understanding of the world and form a foundation for later learning in the preschool and beyond.
The dedicated Nursery is led by our Infant Care Nurse and her team of assistants and educators with a 1:3 ratio to form a secure emotional bond with the educators caring for them and to ensure that your baby gets enough one-on-one interactions. We gently observe their progress and celebrate their new emerging abilities. The nursery children can access all areas with specific allocated zones to sleep, play and eat. Parents will be informed of their little one’s day by keeping in touch during their working day via our parent app.

happy toddler playing with mom
clown playing with preschool toddlers
happy infant splashing water
An infant experiences the following activities as part of their daily life:
  • Baby Tummy Time – to strengthen and develop motor skills
  • Provision to climb, crawl, discover for themselves in soft tunnels
  • Baby Heuristic Play – treasure baskets (changed frequently) to develop their understanding of their world and ignite the curiosity
  • Infant Curiosity Corner – an ever-changing area with light/shade/textures/mirrors
  • Baby Music – instruments
  • Baby Sensory Play – sensory trays
  • Baby Water/ Splash Play
  • Baby Art - Non–toxic painting
  • Infant Block play to support their processing of shape, size, gravity
  • Reading corner of age-appropriate and accessible early reading books

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If you would like to register your child or require further information, please write to or telephone the Kindergarten to make an appointment to view the school and collect a registration form.

The admission process begins with the registration of the child. Registration for admission is offered all year round based on availability. A Registration Fee and refundable Security Deposit will be applicable for all registrations. Other fees payable upon registration are: Monthly School fee, Monthly Lunch fee (if required) and Educational Field Trips.

Please contact us for further information regarding fees and payment methods.

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