Toddler Street

12 - 30 Months

Our Toddler Street programme promotes holistic development with a focus on creative expressions, communication and language, personal growth, physical and sensorial development and social interaction and growth. A largely unstructured environment, the focus remains on emergent multi-sensory experiences for kindergarten children. These experiences tap on preschool children’s curiosity, imagination, discovery and creative expression.

Through emergent play situations concepts, skills and content are developed effectively. Educators, through developmentally appropriate situations, give kindergarten children opportunities to investigate the world, engage in social interactions, and learn about the things and people around them. Learning and play are not separated and children are constantly learning through discovery and thinking. All of this helps preschool children with a smooth transition to the more structured environment of their preschool years ahead.

The curriculum is designed by curriculum experts with developmental milestones and the characteristics of toddlers in mind.

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24 Months - 6 Years

Learning in the Kid Lane room becomes more structured and integrated across different disciplines. This meets expectations for the development of life skills, character and attitudes, holistic goals and academic achievements.

Preschool Children at this stage are able to understand skills and concepts through their developing language. They are also able to take on greater challenges in physical pursuits thanks to their maturing physical competencies. Through play-based activities that help with fine motor strength, kindergarten children are able to engage in pre-writing experiences.

Social and emotional growth is prioritized in this classroom where preschool children are given opportunities to regulate their emotions, learn self-help skills, gain independence and confidence. The program is designed to create experiences in inquiry, problem solving, investigation, discovery and active hands-on experiences.