Special Transition Education Programme

S.T.E.P Integrated is a customized curriculum, formed by TTIP, that helps integrate children with Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and development delays into the classroom environment. Early intervention is the surest way to help children who sign up with the S.T.E.P Integrated program.

At TTIP, we strongly believe that every infant or child has a right to education and we believe that a support system to assist non-typically developing children is a compulsory element in every kindergarten and school.

With the help of highly qualified and amazingly dedicated therapists, a customized development program is created for each baby and child. Therapy includes communication therapy, social engagement, physical development, ABA and a host of other ideal interventions that are specifically designed for the needs of each baby in infant care and child in kindergarten.

With the assistance of shadow aides, the ultimate aim is to integrate every child that comes into the S.T.E.P Integrated program into a classroom environment with typically developing preschool children. Typically developing preschool children are usually assigned as buddies for each S.T.E.P Integrated child and this partnership has been very successful in instilling responsibility, care and empathy into all our children.

We have had a 100% success rate in this program, with all our preschool children having been accepted into primary schools.

12 Months and Above

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